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An Introduction to Bolt Action. 2. What you’ll need to play a game of Bolt Action. Part. 2

August 19th, 2015

Continuing on with our series of ‘An Introduction to Bolt Action, now that you have an idea of what Bolt Action is, we will take a look at what you need to play a game of Bolt Action from Warlord Games.

Just to recap Bolt Acton is a 28mm miniatures game, based on the events of World War 2. So for those of you out there that have played a previous tabletop wargame, you will find that many of the tools required for games of Bolt Action you will already posses. This includes both D6 (six sided dice) and a tape measure. There is a requirement for more specific and specialist items required to play Bolt Action; this includes:

An Army

British Starter Army - Bolt Action

British Starter Army – Bolt Action

Bit of an obvious one this is, but to give you an idea of model count you can expect to need is a bit more specific. For gamers that enjoy an afternoon game or two, you can expect an average 1750pts game to last anywhere between 2-3 hours, that is for an intermediate player; said window will range dependent on with knowledge the game.

But in terms of model count, how long is a piece of string? Now we can narrow this down further. Now Bolt Action is a game intended for 28mm skirmish (the size of battle that in my opinion 28mm is designed for), that is inhabited by many nations, all with different approaches, strengths, weaknesses, manpower etc. You can expect Green Soviets will generally have access to a larger body count. Whilst Veteran Germans should generally have both small squads, and few and far between.

There is much opportunity for diversity when building a force for Bolt Action. Not only the major nations have access to all manner of Specialist, Veteran and Rank-and-File troops, but they have access to troops designated for specific missions and ways of achieving their intended objective.

Warlord themselves actually produce a variety of starter army sets, including a range of vehicles, artillery, infantry and more to give you a real taster of all the different units you can expect to use in games of Bolt Action.

But to give an actual answer, as an example of my previous game of Bolt Action. My 1750pts of Soviets consisted of a range of Infantry from all the three experience levels and vehicles, this included the the following:

Infantry Platoon

Veteran First Lieutenant & two attendees (116)

Inexperienced Commissar & two attendees (29)

Regular Medic & one attendee (35)

Artillery Forward Observer & one attendee (110)

Inexperienced Infantry Squad [12-men] (0)

Regular Infantry Squad [11-men] (138)

Regular Infantry Squad [11-men] (138)

Regular Infantry Squad [11-men] (138)

Veteran Infantry Squad [6-men] (155)

Regular Anti-Tank Rifle [2-men] (30)

Regular Anti-Tank Rifle [2-men] (30)

Regular Mortar Team [3-men] (60)

Veteran Sniper Team [2-men] (65)

Armoured Platoon

T-34/85 Medium Tank (235)

T-34/85 Medium Tank (235)

T-34/85 Medium Tank (235)

Total = 1749

As you can see in, this list does include a LOT of infantry, with a backup of a trio of tanks. In total this contains 70 soldiers and 3 vehicles. Bearing in mind this is quite an infantry focused list, by taking more Veteran troops and vehicles, or more individually expensive units; you can expect the army size to decrease.

In terms of what range to use for Bolt Action, as it is rather difficult to own the rights on the Second World War, you will find that many companies produce their own range of 28mm models for World War 2 based games. Although I very much enjoy the models produced by Warlord, their range is diverse and the multipart plastics contain much opportunity for conversions and individuality between units.

You will need clippers, glue, files, paints etc to complete your models to a good standard. Check out the video below for tips on paining your models from Warlord Games:


Again this should be a familiar sight for many an avid gamer. But for those getting into wargaming with Bolt Action (congratulations on beginning with such an excellent game), the guys at Warlord have some of the best produced and presented rulebooks on the market. With their books being published by Osprey, you can expect to receive some of the highest quality prints, arrangements and content. The main rulebook is a beautiful full colour hardcover print, featuring all of the rules you need to play games of Bolt Action, a selection of missions, as well as four basic army lists for four major nations (United States of America, Great Britain, Germany, and the Soviet Union). The main rulebook mainly concerns rules, army lists and supporting your games of Bolt Action, with also a slight coverage of the timeline of World War 2 towards the back of the book. Unlike some games companies out there, you don’t find that your rulebook as been tripled in size to fit a cavalcade of fluff, stories and assorted items to coincidently increase the price of the book.

As well as the main rulebook, further productions of army lists, with some history of the force concerned can be found from Warlord; generally entitled “Armies of (Enter Nation)”. These books contain more in-depth army lists within them, featuring more advanced units and further explanations of when, who they were used by, and how many were produced. I really like this little addition, for me, I like to build a force that would resemble a particular force, and with this in mind I can have a rough idea of what they would have used on the day. To complement this, the army books also feature an assortment of ‘Theatre Selectors’, these allow players to tailor their army list to fight a specific campaign or battle that took part in World War 2 (or sometimes didn’t, allowing a what’s if scenario), occasionally providing special rules to further tailor your army list to fit a certain period of time or campaign.

Lastly in terms of rulebooks available for Bolt Action, we have “Theatre Books”. Theatre Books are very much like the ‘Theatre Selectors’ you can find within army books. But the focus on Theatre Books is as suspected, on a certain theatre of battle or campaign. Examples of this include ‘Battleground Europe: D-Day to Germany’, this book focussing on the efforts and battles from the D-Day landings in France, all the way to Germany. Other Theatre Books incude “Germany Strikes! Early War in Europe”, “Ostfront: Barbarossa to Berlin”, and upcoming “Empires in Flames: The Pacific and the Far East”. In all you will find that the sum of these books cover the majority of the nations in Bolt Action, as well as additional missions and rules that everyone can take something from.

Table & Terrain

Again, for gamers familiar with the tabletop, this is very much common knowledge, but for those looking to take their first steps into wargaming, this alone may be a little daunting.

But never fear, for many games out there, a clear space is all they need to enjoy their favourite tabletop hobby. In terms of what you can use for games of Bolt Action, the scope and availability is quite wide. Due to the time period of World War 2 (1939 – 1945), you will need to keep in mind that high tech landing pads, forcefield generators and multi-story flying buildings were few and far between in the 40s. Apart from that the choice is massive, the battles of World War 2 were fought across the globe, deserts, plains, cities, frozen regions, and beaches are just a few of the environments that featured in this war.

Fantasy style (not too outlandish), farmhouses, forests, shells of ruins, hills, fields are just a few terrain features that be all used excellently in Bolt Action. Many companies, including Warlord, produce their very own terrain for games of Bolt Action, for those strapped a little for time and don’t have a penchant for building their own terrain. But if you are a little braver and fancy the challenge, Bolt Action provides a great opportunity to attempt some truly varied and excellent terrain. A good friend of mine has spent some time building an exceptional little European hamlet, just take a look at the photos below for inspiration.

Order Dice, Pin Tokens & Smoke/Fire Markers

I’ll be talking more about this in our upcoming article “How to play a game of Bolt Action?”, but for now here is a general breakdown of what the aforementioned items are:

Bolt Action Order Dice - Warlord Games

Bolt Action Order Dice – Warlord Games

Order Dice are a central tool to the Bolt Action game system. Turns are randomised between the players, this is done by placing all of yours and your opponents order dice in the same cup, bag, box or other container that conceals the exact location of a players dice. One of the players randomly removes a dice, provides/retains the order dice (depending on who’s dice it is), it is now that players turn to activate and issue an order to a single unit; orders include; Advance (Move and Shoot), Fire (Stay Put and Shoot), Run (Move at a faster pace), Down (hit the deck), Rally (regain the units composure), and Ambush (prepare to fire on an oncoming unit). This potentially means that a player may be very lucky and get to their own units without allowing their opponent an opportunity to react.

Pin Tokens – Pin tokens or markers, are another integral aspect of the Bolt Action game system. Units gradually over the course of the battle, most commonly from being fire upon, become increasingly unlikely to obey orders and instead duck for cover. This system is rather intuitive, and a realistic and exceptional balancing tool to a game system. More pin markers lowers the morale level of an opponent, making their chances to obey an order less likely, as well as make the unit with the pin markers less accurate. The great thing about pin markers means that if you don’t manage to cause damage, or the damaged caused is superficial, you are making sure that your opponent is less likely to be able to maul you in return.

Smoke/Fire Markers – The former is really only used when you fire smoke from a Howitzer or Mortar weapon, whilst the later is more an aesthetic addition to burning vehicles. But these can really add some depth and character to your battlefield, as well as reminding you of what has occurred on the battlefield.


So there we have it, our summary of what you will need to start playing games of Bolt Action. If you want to help out War Gamer bring you more informative and exciting articles, please show your support and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

If you want to learn more about Bolt Action, then why not read our first part in this introductory series to Bolt Action; ‘Part 1. What is Bolt Action‘?

Bolt Action Announces Rules for Warplanes!

August 12th, 2015

Hot of the Press guys, this is super exciting for all of you WW2 gamers out there, specifically Bolt Action players. The guys at Warlord Games have just announced their very own rules for using Aircraft in games of Bolt Action.

Rules for Aircraft in Bolt Action - Osprey Publishing

Rules for Aircraft in Bolt Action – Osprey Publishing

Previously the use of Aircraft in games of Bolt Action has been limited to their use in Aircraft attack runs, when you purchased an Aircraft Forward observer. But this time around, Bolt Action has come up with some rather experimental rule for using Aircraft in games of Bolt Action. You can include an Aircraft in games of Bolt Action pretty simply. Whenever you would have an option to take an Aircraft Forward Observer, you can select an Aircraft from the following list:















Rules for Aircraft in Bolt Action - Osprey Publishing

Rules for Aircraft in Bolt Action – Osprey Publishing





















How do Aircraft work in Bolt Action?

Pretty simply actually, read below for the basics of Aircraft in Bolt Action, courtesy of Warlord Games:

Warplanes are units consisting of a single model. They are treated as vehicles, with the exceptions noted below. We assume that the models are mounted on the ‘flying bases’ they are supplied with, which place them roughly three inches above the ground. If you are not using these bases, assume that the warplane model is roughly 3” above the ground, and literally hold it there when working out line of sight to and from the plane.

Warplanes can only be ordered to Advance or Run – and in their case Advance means ‘Ground Attack’, while Run stands for ‘Pull Out’. They can also be ordered ‘Down’ when in Reserve.
Important exception: whenever you have planes in your army (whether in Reserve or on the table), you must Order them first, before you order any of your ground forces.

Warplanes never begin the game on the table and are always left in Reserve.
To order them onto the table (starting from turn 2, like all Reserves), you need to order them to Advance, or you can leave them in Reserve by ordering them Down, as normal.

If the Advance order is successful, the plane arrives – work your way through the following sequence:
Identify an enemy unit as the target for the plane.

Place the warplane on the table, in contact with the centre point of a randomly determined table edge (roll a die; on a 1 it’s your own table edge, 2 is the table edge on your left, 3 is the one on your right, 4 is the opponent’s edge (re-roll results of 5 or 6), pointing towards the intended target.

Move the plane in a straight line towards the intended target, stopping 12” away from it (it is mandatory to go ‘Wroooom’ as you do this). Of course warplanes can move over any intervening terrain and models, and may even end their move over any type of terrain. If the move ends over another model, or a place where it’s impossible to place the model, move it closer to the intended target until you find a space for the plane. If the initial position of the plane, when it enters the table, is already within 12” of the target, simply leave the plane in place.
If the enemy has any Flak weapons in Ambush, he can interrupt this move as normal to fire at the aircraft. If it survives, the plane finishes its move.

The plane opens fire against the target, as normal for an Advance order.

If the warplane was on the table at the start of a turn, you must order it to Run – this means that the warplane will pull up, disengage and gain altitude, banking around and preparing to come in for another attack. To execute this Run order, simply remove the warplane from the table and put it back in Reserve. No order tests are needed, even if the model is pinned, and all pin markers on the model are removed.
In the following turn, you can once again either leave the plane in Reserve (with a Down order) or order it back onto the table.

If left in Reserve, the plane is circling over the battlefield in search of a target. If you order it to Advance, the order is automatically successful, no need to test, and the plane comes in again for another pass – simply repeat the procedure described above.

It must then Run to pull out again in the following turn, going back to Reserve, to then return for another attack in a successive turn, and so on until the end of the game.

To summarize, warplanes arrive from Reserve like other units and then come in for a ground attack, pull out for a turn and then can automatically come back for another ground attack, to then pull out again, and so on and so forth. This means that if you are lucky and get them in on turn 2, you are then able to execute another attack on turn 4, and then again on turn 6, turn 8, etc. So, in a normal game that lasts six or seven turns, you will only get up to three attacks – so use them wisely!

If you want to read more about the rules for Aircraft in games of Bolt Action, you’ll have to visit Warlord’s site for more of the rules. But hopefully we’ve wet your appetite for more aeronautics in World War 2!

For those new to Bolt Action check out our first part of four, An Introduction to Bolt Action. If you like what you’ve read, make sure to ‘like’ us on ‘Facebook‘ and follow us on ‘Twitter‘ to get up to date news on all things wargaming. Until next time, keep Wargaming my fellow War Gamers.

Empires in Flames – The Pacific and Far East Preorder

August 11th, 2015
Empires in Flames Front Cover from Warlord Games. Battles pitched between the Japanese and U.S. Marines.

Empires in Flames Front Cover from Warlord Games. Battles pitched between the Japanese and U.S. Marines.

Now this is something I am really excited about. Having recently got into the beauty that is Bolt Action, the attraction of a Theatre Book tailored for operations in the Eastern Theatre between the Fanatical Japanese and stalwart Marines, is one I can’t resist. Having picked up an ant hill sized box of US Marine sprues from the last Mantic Day (courtesy of the overflow from the Mars Attacks kickstarter); I had been able to build a Company size force of U.S. Marines in beautiful multi-part plastic. Anyway enough about my toys, back onto the book…

Empires in Flames – The Pacific and Far East from Warlord Games, is another excellently crafted Theatre Book, for those of a persuasion to play themed and historical battles in the Pacific theatre.

As usual you can expect the same Osprey quality from all Warlord Games productions for this scenario. As well as an exclusive miniature that you receive when purchasing direct from Warlord Games themselves; USMC Medal of Honour winner, Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone.

Here is what Warord Games have to say about the new release:

“This new Theatre Book for Bolt Action is focused on the Far East and Pacific theatres during the Second World War. It opens with the Japanese invasion of China two years before the official start of World War II in Europe and ends with the Allied plans to invade the Japanese home islands in 1945.

How did the relatively small, lightly equipped Japanese Army conquer the territories of the colonial powers so quickly? How were they eventually stopped and what kind of battles were fought? What was the terrain like and what factor did it play tactically? Our hope is that by answering these and other questions players can enjoy a more rewarding game and perhaps gain a glimpse of what the brave men of many nations endured in the Pacific Theatre.

U.S. Marines receive an assault from the dedicated Japanese. Backed up by a Sherman, can the Marines repel this foe?

U.S. Marines receive an assault from the dedicated Japanese. Backed up by a Sherman, can the Marines repel this foe?

Packed with new scenarios, special rules and units – this new Theatre Book offers a heap of new possibilities for new Bolt Action players and seasoned Veterans alike – giving you everything you need to recreate the devastating battles and campaigns of this theatre of war – whether it be launching flotillas of Landing Craft at Japanese-fortified beaches,  chaotic night fights in the midst of dense jungle terrain during monsoon season or running battles in the heart of Burma.

Contrary to popular belief the book isn’t all about Japanese and the US Marines! US Army and British Commonwealth forces took

Ooh rah Marines! Lets give 'em hell!

Ooh rah Marines! Lets give ’em hell!

part across many areas of this vast theatre. The book also covers the Soviet/Japanese conflict with new threat selectors and troops types. So, from the famous Merrill’s Marauders to Australian Commandos, from ‘Mad’ Mike Calvert to Tadamichi Kuribayashi, and from the Japanese SS-Ki flamethrowing engineers vehcile to the units of the Indian National Army this book brings stacks of new material to your games of Bolt Action.

A new army list is also introduced in this book – well THREE armies to be exact! The Chinese can be fielded as Nationalist, Communist or Warlord forces. Each plays very differently and has access to a variety of equipment, formations and vehciles, making each a distinct force in Bolt Action.”

This addition of an army list for the Chinese, is a huge temptation, especially with the option to play a variation of the Chinese forces. Thanks a lot Warlord Games, my wallet is going to have another hole burned in it. You can expect the release of Empires in Flames – The Pacific and Far East to drop sometime in October 2015, retailing at £19.99. Empires in Flames can be reserved here.

For those new to Bolt Action check out our first part of four, An Introduction to Bolt Action. If you like what you’ve read, make sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get up to date news on all things wargaming.

An Introduction to Bolt Action. What is Bolt Action? Part. 1

August 10th, 2015

Long time no post my fellow War Gamers. Sadly responsibilities, formal engagements, and life having been getting in the way. Anyway, enough about me, lets get on to talking about more important things, playing with our favourite toys!

Now in my personal gaming life, I’ve been getting into a little game that you may have heard of, called Bolt Action. I’m going to break down these articles into four parts:

1. What is Bolt Action?

2. What you’ll need to play a game of Bolt Action.

3. The Nations of Bolt Action.

4. How to play a game of Bolt Action.

So without further ado, lets begin…

What is Bolt Action?

Bolt Action is a 28mm scale World War 2 based game, all the major nations that you would image that you can play with are available.

A US Aireborne anti-tank team takes aim at oncoming German armour.  Hopefully they've not gone a bridge too far...

A US Aireborne anti-tank team takes aim at oncoming German armour.
Hopefully they’ve not gone a bridge too far…

Other minute and niche armies are also available, some not so specific to a nation.

The guys at Warlord Games describe Bolt Action as the follows:

“From Blitzkrieg to North Africa, from the Russian Front to the D-Day Landings, Bolt Action puts YOU in command of the most brutal and famous battles of the Second World War.”

The beauty of Bolt Action is that as it is based upon a real period of time, you can draw on a cavalcade of different sources, brining you a whole range of information and date to inspire what and how you collect a mighty force for your games of Bolt Action.

Bolt Action utilises a series of statlines and preordained rules to differentiate between lets say a Tiger-1 and a Medium Machine Gun. Like many other game systems out there, Bolt Action differentiates clearly what a unit is, how it operates on the battlefield, what weapons (if any) it carries, and other much needed details to play the game.

Bolt Action like other contemporary game system uses elements of randomness to demonstrate the place of chaos on the battlefield, and to add further depth. Not every soldier (heck some weren’t even formal soldiers, but pushed into tough situations of fight or die) was accurate as each other, nor is every weapon as powerful as each other. Rolling to hit and wound/penetrate units comes as expected these days, skill tests, and moral tests to see if the resolve of a unit has been broken are very much core to the game system. But where Bolt Action differentiates significantly, for the better in my opinion, is that turns are determined randomly between players. Order dice are an integral element of the game system of Bolt Action, for every unit taken, you receive an order dice towards your dice pool. At the start of every round you place all of your order dice and your opponents into the same cup, bag, receptacle give them a good shake, then randomly draw a dice out of the cup. This is where it is helpful to use differently coloured dice, as whoever dice is removed from the container it is now there turn, and they can issue an ‘Order’ (keep tuned for what that exactly is in later articles) to any of your units. 

An example of a German force for Bolt Action, including vehicles, tanks, transports, artillery, and infantry.

An example of a German force for Bolt Action, including vehicles, tanks, transports, artillery, and infantry.

Armies of Bolt Action

First thing you need to do is like any other game system is select what nation you want to play as. As the game is not based on a fictitious story, a series of events that have culminated under the heading of the Second World War. This horrendous period of time in modern human history touched the lives of billions of people, unimaginable destruction was wrought across the world, lives destroyed, nations rose and fell; the world would never be the same again. But moving away from the doom and gloom, this allows a great deal of variation in terms of what faction you can play as, all with very different units, abilities, costs, doctrine and much more. The Army books that are available at the moment of publishing this article (August 2015) are as follows:




  • Great Britain & Commonwealth
  • Germany
  • United States of America
  • Imperial Japan
  • France and the Allies
  • Italy and the Axis
  • Soviet union

Other Minor nations that you can collect for Bolt Action that borrow rules, or use free temporary PDF rulesets are as follows:

  • Belgium
  • Finish
  • Poland
  • Bulgary
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • China
  • Partisans

So now you have a general idea of what nations are available, and what Bolt Action is, then why not recap your learning? By watching the video below to find out what the guys at Warlord Games have to say about their exceptional game systems.

Is Bolt Action an historical game or wargame?

Bolt Action is very much a wargame, at heart, but also an historical game. It centres around the chaos of the tabletop, sometimes that Tiger-2 taking a shot at a lone Jeep out in the open might fail to do anything, people do miss from time to time… By the above statement, what I am getting at is that I believe Warlord have hit the sweet spot in terms of getting a good cross-section between an historical piece, and what is essentially a glorified bucket o’ soldiers (no offence intended Warlord, we love you guys).

If you want to build an historical force that obeys what was available at the time, and stay true to the narrative, then you very much can do that. Theatre Selectors give you guidance in terms of what to take so you aren’t spamming Pershing Tanks in the middle of Germany in 1939. The Theatre Selectors give some nice guidance in terms of would have been available at the time, whilst also providing the occasional special rule for your force. As an example the ‘Baptism of Fire’ special rule for many nations, including the Soviets, Brits, and the Americans, disallowing you from using Veteran units during a certain period of time.

But going back to what type of game Bolt Action is. Bolt Action has been a great joy for me, rekindling my love for wargaming. It is not really an abusive system, that encourages or allows power playing (hint, hint at some companies). That’s not to say that serious games of tactical genius can’t occur, but I’ve found Bolt Action very much a great way to unwind and a have a casual game. Many laughs will be had when insane things such as the Tiger and Jeep incident occurs. Or when you happen to draw all of your order dice in a round, before your opponent even draws one of theirs.

The models in terms of quality and range from Warlord Games are growing on a constant basis. With many nations transitioning from metal and resin to multipart plastic miniatures as well.

In Conclusion…

As expected, Bolt Action has it’s own little foibles, but what game system is perfect? If anything this allows a community to grow and ask questions about a game system that people love. It turns a game system into more than that, a subject that is enjoyed and grows with its players.

Sorry if I have missed anything, but life beckons again sadly. But I hope I’ve given you an idea of what to expect from this great game system. Until next time, keep Wargaming my fellow War Gamers.

Dropzone Commander Releases May/June 2015 and more!

June 8th, 2015

So the next round of releases for Dropzone Commander are halfway done; for all of you UCM and PHR players out there. The UCM receiving their new UCM Legionnaire Mortar Teams to rain death upon their foes, and the PHR receiving the new PHR Immortals AM Rifle Team to deliver death from afar. Today we will be taking a look at what is on offer, but also some leaks from Hawk Wargames about their Dropzone Commander range.

UCM Legionnaire Mortar Teams

Hawk Wargames - UCM Legionnaire Mortar TeamsThe new UCM Legionnaire Mortar Teams are a brand new Infantry unit for the UCM, able to offer local and small arms fire support to your battleforce. The new Mortar Teams are a ‘Troops’ unit, so cannot only fulfil your minimum requirements for them, but offer some deadly firepower that regular Legionnaires are not always known for.

With a mix of Hi-Ex Mortar Round, Barrage 3 and the Shaped Charge rule, these guys can dish out damage to most incoming ground based enemies. Along with the Hi-Ex Mortar Round, Mortar Teams are able to fire Concussion Rounds, great equipment to force any enemies hiding in buildings, that may be prohibiting your forces assaulting into buildings or perhaps cutting off lanes for your Flyers.

Last but not least, there is a little leak in the form of what transport the unit can share a Condor with. In their transport options, it states, “Transport: 1x bear APC (2 units only). In addition, may share 1x condor medium dropship with another squad of either: Heavy Hazard Suit Team, Colonial Legionnaire Squad, Praetorian Squad, Mortar Team or Anti-Aircraft Team, providing that they are also mounted in Bear APCs”

Heavy Hazard Suit Teams‘ & ‘Anti ‘Aircraft Teams‘! The Heavy Hazard Suit Teams may have already been confirmed, but the announcement of Anti Aircraft Teams is a first. It will be great for the UCM to have access to even more anti-aircraft capabilities, especially for their Infantry.

The rules for the UCM Legionnaire Mortar Teams can be found here.

PHR Immortals AM Rifle Team

Hawk Wargames - PHR Immortals AM Rifle TeamSticking with the Infantry theme, the PHR have received a new Infantry squad. This time in the form of a long range multipurpose Sniper Team. With a exceptional energy of 7, Range Countermeasured of 24″, these guys can definitely bring the hurt to both Infantry and vehicles alike. Along with an Evasive +1 save, these guys are not gonna be easy to deal with.

I for one think the PHR Immortals AM Rifle Teams are going to be an exceptional and diverse addition to any PHR force. Providing some much needed dedicated Heavy Infantry fire support to the force. With Sirens acting as great building clearers, and regular Immortals acting as general Infantry. The PHR Immortals can offer some long range and damaging anti-personnel and anti-vehicle fire support.

The only issues I really have with these guys is that they are a Rare Choice, and a little on the pricy side for me. But what else can you expect from PHR forces?

The rules for PHR Immortal AM Rifle Teams can be found here.

Shaltari & Scourge Releases to come

For all of you Scourge and Shaltari players out there, don’t despair. You can expect releases of your own, in the form of Eviscerators for the Scourge and the Ronin for Shaltari. With the former being a new heavy duty, dedicated Infantry unit to clear out buildings, and the Ronin being a large vehicle/battlesuit. You can expect these new releases for the 27th June 2015.

Hawk Wargames - Scourge Eviscerators Hawk Wargames - Shaltari Ronin


So what are you guys most excited about? I for one can’t wait for the Heavy Hazard Suit Teams & Anti Aircraft Teams! Let us know in the comments.

Interview with Chris Palmer Mantic Open Day 2015

May 27th, 2015

Bit of a delayed post, but we interviewed Chris Palmer from Mantic, on their very own Mantic Open Day 2015. We spoke in more depth about Mars Attacks, and what the future holds for the Martian Mayhem of Greenville, and Earth at large.

With the release of Mars Attacks Humanity Resists, Extermination, and World War; games of Mars Attacks now feature Giant Mutant Bugs, Towering Alien Walkers, and the Dreaded Martian Saucer. But do not fear, Humanity strikes back with renewed tenacity and fervour thanks to the Novas Vira, ferocious tactics, and the help of a certain Alien alliance tasked with the destruction of the Martian threat; the Tiger Corps!

So join Chris Palmer & Harry Walton as we discuss about what the future of Mars Attacks holds for all.

Go check out our other interview with Ronnie Renton (CEO of Mantic) about Mantic Open Day 2015, Kings of War version 2, and more…

Warhammer World Open Day 2015 Exclusives

May 19th, 2015

So with the dust just settling from Games Workshop Warhammer World Open Day 2015, we thought we would take combine some of the releases and little ditties that were gleaned from Warhammer World 2015.
Warhammer World New Supplement: Blood Oath; featuring Ultramarines, Grey Knights, Imperial Knights, Titans, Khorne, Chaos Titans, and Chaos Knights

So in typical Games Workshop fashion, we have been showered with a range of new Formations, to accommodate the new Blood Oath Supplement, but can be used for any game you may fancy. So take a look at the new rules for these upcoming formations, and let us know what you think.

Emperor’s Hand Strike Force, Anvil of the Emperor, and The Goreguard

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 00.03.12

The Bloodied Horde, Hellforged Hunting Pack, and The Spear of Sicarius

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Ultramarines 1st Company
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I guess it is safe to say that the formations/datasheets for the new Warhammer World New Supplement: Blood Oath will feature a few Ultramarine and Chaos related items. It would have been perhaps nice to see something a little different, but the special rules included with these accessible formations are devastating. Most perhaps the Ultrmarines Spear of Sicarius, allowing you to fire twice upon deployment.

Space Marine HQ Tanks - Land Raider Excelsior & Rhino PrimarisSpace Marine HQ Tanks

Following along the lines of newness, we have some exclusive to Warhammer World specialist Space Marine kits. These being the iconic Land Raider and Rhino APCs. These two vehicles have been outfitted to fit a Headquarters (HQ) role for the Space Marines, to lay down supporting fire, command, and devastation among the enemies ranks.

The Rhino Primaris features a complete orbital communication suite, designed to relay data between Battle Barge support in outer space, for both the coordination of reserves and orbital fire support. The Rhino Primaris features a large Communication Dish, Servo-Skull Hub, Local Data Augur, and a Twin-Linked Plasma Gun for devastating close ranged fire support; I don’t think Terminators are gonna have an easy day taking this guy out.

Next we have the Land Raider Excelsior, a Land Raider outfitted to transport a High Ranking Space Marine officer, in his pursuit of a glorious armoured assault upon the enemies of the Emperor. The Land Raider Excelsior is outfitted with an Aquila Aegis Cupola, better to protect the sensitive and important human cargo embarked upon this mighty vehicle. Flanked by a pair of Godhammer patter Lascannons (Twin-Linked), the Land Raider Excelsior is ready to deliver long ranged pinpoint anti-armour fire support. Along with its amplified Grav-Cannon, you will crush heavily armoured enemies that dare deny your righteous fury on the battlefield.

Space Marine HQ Tanks - Land Raider Excelsior & Rhino Primaris 2In all the Land Raider Excelsior & Rhino Primaris are a great addition to any Space Marine battleforce, even more so for force prepared for a prolonged armoured assault upon the foe. These command tanks even come with the rules required to deploy them on the field of battle in the box. A very different direction that Games Workshop seem to be taking. Perhaps this is something we can look forward to be seeing in the future?

I really like the look of the commander model that comes with the Space Marine HQ Command Vehicles, with the variants this kit comes with, it really adds some character to different forces. On top of all that you could even bring these models to the Infantry, to gloss up any of your Characters or commanders on foot!

So as promised, we’ve brought you some of our favourite releases from Games Workshop’s Warhammer World Open Day 2015, what were your favourites of the weekend?

Ronnie Renton Interview Mantic Open Day 2015

May 17th, 2015

On Saturday 16th May 2015, the guys from War Gamer made their way down to Nottingham, for Mantic Open Day 2015. We had the exclusive first opportunity to interview Mantic’s very own CEO; Ronnie Renton.

With the upcoming release of version two of Kings of War, we found out a little bit about what Mantic expect to be doing with their great game system. Kings of War is a quick, fluid, and affordable Fantasy gaming system, that doesn’t sacrifice on the quality of the actual enjoyability of the gaming system.

In all, Mantic Open Day 2015 was an exceptional time for all, the fun and games we had was beyond exceptional. We even got to have an exclusive demo game for the upcoming Dungeon Saga release!

Stay tuned for more info about Mantic’s upcoming release for Dungeon Saga, Mantic Open Day 2015, and the future of Mantic’s other lines.

Total War: Warhammer Announcement & Trailer

April 22nd, 2015

So it appears that Games Workshop are getting another video game treatment, one of mass battle in the Warhammer Universe, but this time not in the far flung future! In fact Warhammer Fantasy can be expecting a brand new incantation of the mass battle series, this time by the guys over at Sega, after the license was transferred to them, for the creation of any Games Workshop genre based games.

This is by far not a Dawn of War: Warhammer Fantasy spinoff, but an independent engine made familiar by previous Total War games, that have operated well with a mass battle scheme, that takes well to regimented units. But with a cavalcade of different resources to draw upon, including Magic, Faith and the unprecedented nature of flying units such as Dragons, it will be interesting to see how Sega are able to adapt and handle the Total War engine for the new Total War: Warhammer.

You can check out the video down below, with the full trailer of the awesome new Total War: Warhammer. The Emperor Karl Franz makes a little cameo in the game, amongst a series of other unnamed characters, who I see will make a feature in the new Total War: Warhammer video game.

This is what the Total War guys have to say about the upcoming Total War: Warhammer game:

“Our rules have changed, and with change comes war on a scale as yet unimagined.

Gigantic monsters, flying creatures, legendary heroes and storms of magical power take their place on the battlefield, alongside thousands of warriors clashing in real-time tactical battles. All at YOUR command.

In the turn-based campaign game of statecraft & empire building, you will find the Old World an unforgiving and treacherous place, filled with endless war and cunning alliances alike. Whichever race you choose to play as and however you seek conquest, you will be faced with a conflict that threatens to tear the very fabric of reality asunder.”

Warhammer 40,000 Craftworlds Eldar Leaks

April 22nd, 2015

So you might have heard already about the upcoming Craftworlds Eldar codex, that is fast approaching. Well the guys over at Wargaming Live are taking a look at some of the Craftworlds Eldar leaks, on the new codex. So what are you looking forward to in the updated codex? Darrell Dobbin is here to find out all the leaks and snippets we’ve found on the Craftworlds Eldar codex.

This is what the guys over at Wargaming Live had to say about the Craftworlds Eldar leaks:

“Craftworlds are vast craft populated by Eldar. They travel through the void of space at sub-light speeds, carrying the greater remnant of the Eldar race after the Fall of their civilisation. Each craftworld is a self-sufficient, independent realm with its own culture. Craftworlds are in many ways living entities, powered by psychic energy from its Infinity Circuit and responding in an organic way to the stimuli of psychic forces. The power within a Craftworld can be expended as light or heat, and most Craftworld technology could not function without this psychic power grid.”

So what does everyone think about the new info we have on the upcoming Craftworld Eldar codex? Do you think the Eldar need a new codex in 2015? Stick it in the comments below, and we’ll take a look.


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